Relaxation TV Channel For Business

Create Your Own Relaxation TV Channel


Create your own relaxation video channel for your business. Stream relaxation videos on your business website, mobile apps or any TV.

We offer copyright free and family friendly relaxation videos, featuring beautiful nature scenery and sounds, travel places, guided meditation and more.

Business Benefits

  • Engage your customers with valuable content on your website
  • Create positive vibe and provide entertainment
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, especially in waiting areas
  • Increase sales by keeping your customers longer

How do I use your services?

Our services work on any devices! Add relaxation videos into your website, mobile apps or any TV in your waiting area!

Which business can benefit from this service?

The video content is ideal for any business such spas, medical offices, gyms, holistic and meditation centers, restaurants and cafes, hotels, nursing homes, schools, retail shops

How do I start?

Please fill out the form with your business details. We will contact you with the next steps.

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